Investment Property Management    

Well-managed income property has proven to be an excellent investment over
the long term. With its unique tax advantages and the right amount of
leverage, real estate is important part of any well-balanced portfolio.

It takes a careful mix of market analysis, proper tenant screening and
managing operating costs to maximize the long-term return on an investment
property. The performance of your investment comes down to a multitude of
small details - finding the best tenant, getting the best price on supplies,
timely placement of advertisements, the right level of preventative
maintenance, and numerous other tasks.

Our experienced staff of professionals is committed to carefully managing
all the details that make the difference through all phases of the
management cycle:

Unit Preparation & Maintenance: Our professional maintenance staff will make
sure that your units are promptly prepared for new tenants. We will fix
Items that need repair, perform upgrades as necessary, and make sure each
unit is cleaned and painted so it looks great for your next tenant.

Market Analysis: We are constantly evaluating the rental market to be sure
that your units are priced optimally. If rents are too low, there will be an
obvious loss of revenue. If rents are too high, units will take a long time
to rent, and the revenue lost due to vacancies will negate any gains from
the higher rental rates.

Advertising: In addition to posting vacancies on our website, we will put
together an advertising package that is appropriate for your property.
Through volume purchasing, we can often save you money and make your
advertising dollars go farther.

Showings: Units are promptly shown to prospective tenants at their

Tenant Screening: Finding and keeping good tenants is crucial to the
financial success of your investment property. Once a tenant submits an
application, a rigorous screening process begins. We check each applicant's
credit report, legal history, and references.

Leasing Signing: Once a tenant has been accepted, we secure a written lease
or rental agreement. Our leases are carefully designed to help protect the
owner from problem tenants. Security deposits must be collected at the time
a lease is signed.

Move-In Inspection & Tenant Orientation: Tenants are required to participate
in a move-in inspection with their property manager. This helps us identify
any damage that may have occurred over the course of their lease. In
addition, each tenant is given an orientation which helps ensure that the
tenants are informed about how to contact us with problems, what their
responsibilities are, and to avoid any misunderstandings that can lead to
problems down the road.

Rent Collection: Rents are due on the 1st of the month. A 5 day grace period
is given for late payment. Failure to pay by the 5th will result in
penalties and the tenant will be served with a 5-day notice to quit or pay

Inspections: Properties are inspected periodically for signs of damage,
general upkeep, or other problems that require attention.

Bookkeeping: We perform complete bookkeeping services for all our property
owners. Our services include both payables and receivables. Note that all
rent monies are kept in our real estate trust account and are not commingled
with our own funds.

Financial Reporting: Each month you will receive a set of financial
statements, including an income statement, a balance sheet, and a tenant
roster with the rent collection status. We also send copies of all
maintenance work orders for the month. At tax time, you can give your
year-end financial statements to your accountant to help in preparing your
Schedule E.

Move-Out Inspection: When tenant moves out, we will perform a comprehensive
inspection and compare the condition of the unit to the way it was when the
tenant moved in referencing the Move In Inspection report. Any items that
are not normal wear and tear will be deducted from their security deposit.

Security Deposit: Once the final expenses have been reconciled, the balance
of the tenant's security deposit along with an accounting of any deductions
will be returned to them within the 21-day statutory time limit.

Evictions and Legal Actions: In the unfortunate event that a relationship
with a tenant results in legal action, we will work towards evicting the
tenant and recovering damages for you. State laws prohibit us from
representing owners in court; however, we have relationships with legal
counsel that specializes in landlord tenant matters.